Erstes Treffen mit der Samtgemeide Meinersen / Ahnsen sehr erfolgreich

On October 24th, 2018 a first, very successful conversation with the velvet community took place Meinersen/Ahnsen instead. The human and animal 2016 project finds very positive, partly Enthusiastic consent at all responsible levels and those responsible.

The municipality was attended by the Municipal director Carsten Dietrich, Mr. Steffen Weichsler (vice. Municipal director) Mayor Thomas Spanuth, Mr. Tobias Kluge (Building Authority) part, Ms. Carmela Cantone (Real Estate Specialist and Valuation Expert), Mr. Erhard Schmitt (Planner’s residential concepts) And Mr. Michael Müller Project founder/project Manager man and animal 2016.

From both sides, the innovative project was designed as a pioneering and outstanding
Alternatives to the well-known systems nursing and retirement homes are named.

The possibility that people and their animals-dog, cats, horse (e), ducks, chickens etc-
Can stay together until the end of life, there is not yet in this variant.

As a sporting goal bezgl opening of the first apartment residence for man and animal
was named by Mr. Müller on October 01, 2019-We wish you much success and we are
On the first pictures of the successful implementation.

From left to right: HR Erhard Schmitt (Planner’s residential concepts) Mrs. Carmela Cantone (Real Estate Specialist and Valuation Expert), Mr. Michael Müller (Project founder), Mr. Carten Dietrich (municipal director) Mr. Thomas Spanuth (mayor).
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