Erstes Treffen mit der Samtgemeide Meinersen / Ahnsen sehr erfolgreich

On October 24th, 2018 a first, very successful conversation with the velvet community took place Meinersen/Ahnsen instead. The human and animal 2016 project finds very positive, partly Enthusiastic consent at all responsible levels and those responsible.

From both sides, the innovative project was designed as a pioneering and outstanding
Alternatives to the well-known systems nursing and retirement homes are named.

The possibility that people and their animals-dog, cats, horse (e), ducks, chickens etc-
Can stay together until the end of life, there is not yet in this variant.

As a sporting goal bezgl opening of the first apartment residence for man and animal
was named by Mr. Müller on October 01, 2019-We wish you much success and we are
On the first pictures of the successful implementation.

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