Human and animal 2016

Together instead of lonely, quality of life until the end of life

Hello Dear (animal)-Friends,

…. Dog, cat, small animal or even a horse-to your life belongs a beloved animal that has given you a lot of joy for many years, as a loyal companion.

But what about caring for your loyal, four-legged friend when you or your loved ones can no longer self-serve themselves, one day they are dependent on foreign help and ultimately decide to go to a seniors ‘ home Compete?

What will become of your loyal companion..?

Now follows the sad farewell of her loyal, four-legged friend, with whom she would have liked to have spent many years together?

We all know that the need for qualified nursing places will increase rapidly as a result of demographic change. Private or State seniors/nursing facilities, technically very well equipped, with highly qualified staff, take care of the elderly.

A daunting task, which is to be qualified and lovingly solved.

… But where, in all this very well organized and structured daily routine, from now on, the place for the animals of these people who have been part of their lives to date…? …

The old man is now, fortunately, well cared for, has to find himself in his new environment, finds new contacts, closes one or the other friendship, but all this without his beloved animal, with whom he would so much like to experience many happy years.

His loyal four-legged friend inevitably remains on the track… for the animal the way ends, unfortunately too often in an animal shelter, from which there is no return.

Older animals are now very difficult to make…-For horses, the future prospects are even more bleak….

And that is exactly the sad problem we have recognized and we want to solve with our project “Humans and animal 2016” together instead of lonely – quality of life until the end of life.

In our nationwide unique project we start in the beautiful region of northern Germany-district of Gifhorn in my Ahnsen.

Young and old, people with and without disabilities, sprightly seniors and elderly people in need of care are to be       and, this is unique  


Depending on the physical condition, the elderly can take care of themselves, part-or whole-nursing, depending on the nursing level, our mobile nursing service. For emergencies, of course, emergency physicians is available via the emergency call button.

Those who are still fit in their old age can take in the in-house swimming pool, under expert supervision, exercise baths and/or he takes part in the in-house beekeeping, thus gaining his own honey or planting fruits and vegetables in the in-house garden to get here at the Cooking courses offer valuable tips for a tasty, healthy diet.

The variety of leisure offers is endless… and your loyal friend is always at your side…:-)

The mobile Dog Care and the affiliated veterinarian ensure the welfare of your pet-your horse is grazing on the nearby paddock and is looking forward to the next ride in the beautiful countryside. It is also a matter of course for its well-being and medical care.

To ensure that your family members do not have to go to search for accommodation, we have planned a small hotel directly adjacent to the senior residence. Here the whole year is offered affordable lodging with full board in comfortably furnished 1-and 2Bettzimmern.

Please contact us and let us find out together how our project “Together, instead of lonely –” human and animal 2016 “-together instead of lonely, quality of life to the end of life fits into your life concept.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Your Michael Muller

Chairman “Man and animal 2016”