The destinies of the people and our project …

Dear friends, with our project we would like to talk about fates that are close to us. We would like to try together with you, Claudia
Wish to fulfill that she does not have to say goodbye to this earth on the sickbed, but to one of our senior pins in the middle of her fur noses. In cooperation with Fa UEI GmbH from Heidelberg, we provide Claudia with Optidrink and if financially feasible, also with Arthro. The prospects are there that we could make it so until the completion of the first Seniorenstiftes. However, the daily unit must be increased dramatically, but we need many more donors / inside, from 5, – Euro upwards can be made here on our Paypal donations button big.
On behalf of Claudia, many thanks for all the support, but read for yourself:
Hello I am Claudia R. I was born on August 11, 1969 in Aachen. I grew up in the city and district Hof an der Saale in Bavaria. At school I did a lot of sports. At the age of fifteen, the first back pain started, which became chronic in the mid-twenties. Actually, I wanted to study medicine, but I got really sick just before graduation, so I had to leave high school. I got myoclonus (muscle twitching) in the whole body. I was bullied by my classmates throughout my school years. Through these and other bad experiences with humans, I am very fond of the animals.
I grew up with them. My mother always had dogs.
In 1992, I got my first own dog, a Bull Terrier hybrid called Eddi. He was two and a half years old when I took him out of the shelter and turned 16. Two months after Eddi’s death in May 2006 I got one
4 months old Husky – Malamute, Zeus, so from the shelter.
Unfortunately, he was only seven and a half years old because he died of a sepsis (blood poisoning) on ​​01.07.2013.
This whole time was marked by the fact that I was always in change, had to go. Because of various health problems.
It can also be said later that I worked as a director’s assistant for music theater from 1992 to 1994 and also performed.
Since the age of ten I play classical classical guitar and a lot later I added a violin.
On April 2, 2014, I was operated on the left knee. I got a total knee arthroplasty. From there I could only walk on the rollator.
Since the knee always jumped in and out from the beginning, a corrective surgery followed on January 9, 2015, in which the patellar band (at the patella) was relocated from the tibial tuberosity (“tibial tuberosity”) to stabilize the knee. That failed too.
In January 2016, a 24-hour oxygen requirement for COPD and asthma was added (although I already had asthma as a teenager).
One and a half years later I got a tetraparesis (partly paralysis of arms and legs), which is why I am sitting in a wheelchair.

Since 03. January 2017 I am in a nursing home in Bavaria. I’d like to get out of this because I dream of having two dogs, medium or tall, maybe German Shepherd, Labrador or Retriever, something in the way of animal welfare to which I give all my love (and of that I have much) and that I can make happy.
Gassi I go because I have an electric drive on the wheelchair since January 2018.

This is a dream that I dream because I do not want to die lonely and alone here in the nursing home.
My life has become so poor here without own dogs, so infinitely poor.

“Together instead of lonely, quality of life until the end of life”

Sincerely – your Michael.
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